New Load-Bearing System for British Troops

Take a look at this cool video of a new load-bearing system developed for the British army.

The so-called Source Virtus Soldier System is a personal protection and load carriage product made by the Israeli firm Source Tactical Gear.

The system includes more than 90 components, but is designed to be modular and scalable — so troops “only carry kit you need for the mission you’re tasked with,” according to the video.

At the heart of Virtus is a dynamic weight distribution system — an adjustable spine that allows the weight of the tactical vest to be distributed between the hips and the shoulders while on the move, the video states.

The gear — which generated quite a bit of buzz at last month’s Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) expo in London — also includes a scalable protective vest, a lighter combat helmet with detachable visor and optional mandible guard, and quick-release mechanism.

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